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Adjusted Modules

Work is faster and better when using predefined modules. They allow you to create more complex solutions than you initially imagined because it makes it easier to add additional functionalities.


Custom Work

Everything, including the modules, may be additionally programmed for the specific requirements of the project. Because they are custom-made, our systems are easier to use to your visitors and customers, and far more secure than open-source solutions.

Packed in great user interface design

No matter how good it is, the system does not serve its purpose if it is not accessible via high-quality user-interface. Therefore, we pay special attention to user experience and create interfaces that are maximally intuitive and easy to use.

All Available Modules

Predefined entities that shorten the deadline
  • Articles

    Entering and editing articles, displaying it in many different ways

  • Members

    Member listings and profiles with login and registration functions

  • Products

    Entering and editing a product catalog, connecting it with the members, and displaying at few different locations

  • Companies / Organizations

    Listing of companies / organizations with its own micro-sites

  • Events

    Event calendar with functions of automatic sorting and removing expired events

  • Portfolio / References

    Updating portfolio or list of references, connecting it with individual profiles / micro-sites

  • Multimedia Gallery

    Uploading images, sounds and videos and reproducing it on various platforms and screen sizes

  • Real estates

    Entering all kinds of properties and displaying it in various ways, with filter / sort / search options

  • Special Offers / Deals

    Inserting and updating special offers, with an expiration date

  • Tags / categories

    Creating taxonomy with tags and categories, labeling the content and allowing to filter by this criteria

  • Related / Similar Content

    Inter-connecting similar content and displaying it on detailed views

  • Top Positions Activator

    Enables your clients to activate top advertising positions by themselves

Available Solutions (Only some...)

Finished websites composed of modules + custom made design and functionalities
  • Custom Web Portal
    Custom Web Portal
    System for creation of portals on different topics and with various available functionalities

  • News Portal / Blog
    News Portal / Blog
    System for creating custom CMS for establishing your own news portal, magazine or blog with many different features and functionalities

  • Web / Business Directory
    Web / Business Directory
    Software for building busines or web directory for the different purposes, aimed for different business models

  • Web shop / E-commerce software
    Web shop / E-commerce software
    Application for creating web stores / shops for ordering items and paying online

  • Real Estate Agency / Portal
    Real Estate Agency / Portal
    Real estate solution created in cooperation with real estate agencies with lots of customizable features

  • Social Networking Software
    Social Networking Software
    Powerful PHP platform for creating custom social networks for any purpose, from gathering a specialized, niche community to a customer / client community

  • Job portal
    Job portal
    Software for job / employment portal with a listing of open positions and CVs of candidates

  • Custom Web Application
    Custom Web Application
    The system for making any kind of web applications, from public to private web portals, CRM's, wiki's or document libraries


The qualities of our applications and solutions
  • Excellent Performance

    Good architecture and code compliant with all the standards ensures fast website regardless of load

  • Search Engine Friendly

    Clear coding structure, url-rewrite, meta tags, meta-data tags, sitemap and all other necessary stuff for good SEO

  • Bulletproof Safety

    Custom made systems like this are genuine and hack-proof, especially when jointed with strong server safety system

  • Responsive Design

    All newer sites are well adjusted to all screen sizes, from desktop computers and laptops to tablets and mobiles

  • Multi-user Environment

    Users are grouped by different permission levels which limit their access to different parts of the site and functionalities

  • Social Networks Integration

    Taking care about integration of the site with various social networks to maximize its reach

  • Multi-language

    Content can be simultaneously presented in unlimited number of languages and writing systems

  • Multi-country / Multi-market

    More countries / markets can be covered from the same hub, serving content according to the user location

  • Browser Compatibility

    Design and functionalities are attested for IE 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, with downgrades for older browsers

  • Great Technical Support

    Providing all the necessary technical support for using the site as well as all the settings and adjustments

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