TrebaMi Project Bidding Platform is an online service that directly connects the supply and demand of ​​services and products. Users submit inquiries for the purchase of certain goods or use of services. Partners offer appropriate services and products to them.

Mockups for TrebaMi Project Bidding Platform
  • Inquiry list and filter

    All inquiries are listed in a single page, with some basic details and the remaining time left for bidding. All can be easily filtered by category and location.

    Inquiry list and filter feature image
  • 3-steps inquiry entry system

    All inquiries are entered very quickly, in only 2-3 steps, depending whether the user is logged. Single inquiry is presented in simple style, with all important information on top. Similar inquires are available in the right column.

    3-steps inquiry entry system feature image
  • Bidding for a project

    Every client can bid for a project. The system checks the package settings (if this inquiry is in the package category and location) and allows or disallows the bid. All bids are visible to the user but not all the bidder data - the system reveals it only after someone's offer is accepted.

    Bidding for a project feature image
  • Packages ordering and setup system

    Packages define what inquiries are available for bidding to a client. It automatically blocks bids for inquiries that do not comply with the package setup. When the first order is made, it also creates an e-mail notifier about new inquiries.

    Packages ordering and setup system feature image
  • Control over asigned packages

    Administrators can see all packages in one place. All the parameters can be changed - allowed counties and categories that client has the right to bid in.

    Control over asigned packages feature image
  • E-mail notifier

    All clients can adjust their e-mail alerts to get inquiries only for specified categories and locations. The notifier is set during the first registration.

    E-mail notifier feature image
  • And much more...

    • User profile
    • Internal messaging system
    • Comments system
    • Online invoicing
    • Payment gateway integration
    • Different administrative tools

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