Dog Show Application

Application that allows dog exhibitors to register their dogs for exhibitions and to pay it online. Dog show organizers have complete overview over applied dogs and owner. They can review the applications and communicate to exhibitors. It allows creation of rings and generation of many necessary reports.

Mockups for Dog Show Application
  • Dog Profiles

    Details about a dog with customized entry form and form validation (all necessary content should be entered - in correct format).

    Dog Profiles feature image
  • User Profiles

    Profiles of three types of users - dog owners, administrators and judges. Customized edit form with validation for required fields.

    User Profiles feature image
  • Exhibition Management

    System for adding new exhibition with all necessary details. Single exhibition mini-site with all the sections available to view / edit.

    Exhibition Management feature image
  • Dog Registration

    The system for registration of dogs to exhibitions. Calculates prices automatically using many different parameters: dog age, breed, owner's country, date of registration, etc.

    Dog Registration feature image
  • Application Handling System

    Administrators can view and manage all applications in one place. They can review application and mark it as 'approved' and/or 'paid'.

    Application Handling System feature image
  • Rings Management

    System for adding and editing rings to an exhibition. Tool for adding single or group of dogs to a ring and assigning judge. Tool for changing the ring rank.

    Rings Management feature image
  • Show Results

    Tool for entering post-show results. Automatic generation of few reports which can be used in printed materials.

    Show Results feature image
  • Show Reports

    Different reports are automatically generated. Dogs by rings, owners by countries, statistics by breeds, rating forms, complete show catalog, etc.

    Show Reports feature image
  • And much more...

    • System parameters setup
    • Multiple exhibition pricelists
    • Multilanguage interface
    • Personlized mainpage
    • Mobile version
    • Tablet version

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