Daleel Supply Chain Management Portal

Platform for supply chain professionals in the oil and gas industry that connects buyers with suppliers. Daleel is a portal that provides critical business intelligence to make the best decisions and allows exchange of knowledge that our industry needs to best meet its requirements. Human filtered business & market intelligence that provide a meaningful snapshot relevant to the procurement requirements.

Mockups for Daleel Supply Chain Management Portal
  • Categories editing and management

    Categories have custom templates with custom forms that allow easy editing and managing every single category. Categories are shown in few predefined templates, depending on the type.

    Categories editing and management feature image
  • Responsive mega menu

    Mega-menu is automatically formed from active categories in the database. It's specially adjusted for mobile devices.

    Responsive mega menu feature image
  • Custom user mainpage

    Ever user has custom mainpage, which is shown after the login. This page can be easely populated with all kinds of content, depending on the user profile and preferences (favorite categories, companies, followed professionals, etc.)

    Custom user mainpage feature image
  • Semantic code / SEO requirements

    It is very imporant that search engines and other agents understand the content on the site. Therefore it's marked with semantical marks - meta data tags. It includes HTML mega tags, OG tags, Schema.org tags, but also semantic class names and code comments. The content is automatically generated, where possible.

    Semantic code / SEO requirements feature image
  • Internal messaging system

    Members are able to write to each other direct on the platform. All messages are easy accessible.

    Internal messaging system feature image
  • Interactive HTML graphs and objects

    From the Relations graph and Hierarchy tree to Pros & Cons and Kraljic's Matrix. All object are interactive and custom developed for this project.

    Interactive HTML graphs and objects feature image
  • And much more...

    • Member (user) management
    • Static pages editing / managements
    • Homepage slides editing / managements
    • Custom company profiles
    • Company (supplier) custom mainpage
    • Dynamic backlinks

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