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This module contains listings of events that can be filtered, sorted and searched by various criteria. Events can be entered by editors or members (if their permissions allow it) together with different brochures, catalogs, images and videos. Events are displayed in chronological order and are automatically removed after they expire. The module is used to announce different conferences, fairs, seminars, presentations, lectures, meetings and other sorts of events.

  • Calendar view feature image

    Calendar view

    Displaying events on a calendar with marked important dates and summaries of particular events on hover

  • Chronological view feature image

    Chronological view

    Sorting events automatically by the dates

  • Entity list feature image

    Entity list

    List of all entities of the same sort in a concise view, with only most important data displayed

  • Entity details feature image

    Entity details

    Detailed view of an entity with all sorts of data and other included modules / functionalities as Related Content, Gallery and other.

  • Filter feature image


    Tool for narrowing search using clickable links or some other selectors

  • Related content feature image

    Related content

    Shows similar content from other groups, according to the criteria of the same tag / category, sorted chronologically

  • Onpage editor feature image

    Onpage editor

    Tool for editing and updating the content directly on the site, visible only to the logged-in users who have permission to use it

  • Head image feature image

    Head image

    Main image chosen to represent an entity and is displayed on top of the entity's details and on all lists

  • Video player feature image

    Video player

    Shows videos of all formats and on all platforms and screen sizes, from computers to mobiles

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