About Us

Web development company that produces web sites and applications based on its own web engine.
An experienced team and management, some of whom are working on the web since its very beginning.

  • Team with diverse skills
  • High work criteria
  • Emphasis on trust and good communication
  • Agile product development process
  • Clients among well known companies
  • Taking part in many conferences and events
  • Continuous education and improvement

Vigoran is a company specialized in the development of custom web applications and software. Custom solutions are opposite to off-the-shelf software because it's tailor-made to your specific needs and goals. Also, it can be easely updated as your business grows over time. You can start with basic modules and add on as needed to meet growing demand.

Custom software performs much better because it's tailor-made and doesn't load a bunch of unnecessary code and scripts, like off-the-shelf solutions do. With our software you can automate tasks that take you lots of time, like copying lots of data from one system to another, posting blog articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, managing your customers in custom-CRM, and many others.

We take the overall development of a project: exploring the client's problem and understanding his / her wishes, building information architecture, UI / UX design, front-end design and coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), custom programming (PHP, C++). We cover all range of skills, from project management, UI / UX design, working with graphic programs, front-end coding (HTML / CSS) and programming, using the following technologies: PHP, C#, C++, C, JavaScript, ActionScript, MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle on Linux and Windows platform.

Clients can rely on us because we give them all necessary technical support and maintenance services. We also manage our own servers and provide clients hight-quality and secure hosting.

We are looking forward to working with you.

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Horvacanska 168
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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We stick to high quality standards in our work. Good communication with our clients is our imperative.

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